Lower Buckhorn Lake (My home lake)

GPS co-ordinates:

44.548642N 78.265143W

Lake Description:
Lower Buckhorn Lake is one of the Kawartha Lakes and also part of the Trent Severn Canal System that extends from the Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, a distance of 386 kms (as the fish swims).

There are perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye (pickeral), crappie, carp and muskie in this lake.

The lake has clear water due to the invasion of zebra mussels approx 10-12 yrs ago which seems to have helped the musky fishery. There still is an abundance of weed patches which are prime muskie holding areas in the summer. There are also several rock drop offs & edges that make this lake one of the best for action. The average muskie is between 28-42″,  with larger ones upwards to 50-52″ being recorded.

I primarily fish muskie, however walleye season opens before muskie on the 2nd Saturday in May and we celebrate it with a ‘boys’ weekend which we been doing now for the past 19yrs. We call it the Deer Bay Classic and have anywhere between 6 & 12 fishermen. Anyway, Muskie season opens the 1st Saturday in June and it is a long 3 weeks of walleye fishing til I start to hunt ‘em down.

I started fishing seriously for muskie in 1995 and after 15 years I still feel like a rookie and definitely do not know it all. I am confident that I can find them but that is no guarantee that I can catch one. I still love every second on the water whether I catch a fish or not. You have to have a high PMA (Positive Musky Attitude) when fishing for muskie as every small detail counts & if your just going through the motions you will not be as successful as you could.

If you’re planning a trip to the area, check out Lower Buckhorn lake. Send me an email & I would be more then happy to share more lake information or guide for you.

Remember…..Tight lines and Sharp hooks!

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9 Responses to Lower Buckhorn Lake (My home lake)

  1. Han says:

    We are going up to Lower Buckhorn Lake for the May two-four weekend. Can you share any tip on walleyeing during that time of the year? We’d be staying at the Bay View resort, thanks.

    • richard says:

      Hi. I’m staying at Bayview Resort on the opening weekend & will probably be fishing on the May 24 weekend too. I have had luck with trolling right out front of Bayview & the resort next door, Beachwood with rapala’s. Another good spot is directly across the lake from Bayview. There is a rock wall you can’t miss and it is deep there. Up to 45 – 50 ft. I drift across using minnows or leeches right off bottom. Also try off the island where the bay meets the channel. There is a couple of islands & one has a channel marker on it with a steep drop off. You will probably see other fishermen there. Anywhere around there has been good for me. Tell me what cabin # you are in & I will try & drop by and say hello.
      Good luck!

  2. Ryan says:

    Were taking a trip to a cabin on Lower Buckhorn Lake the third week of July. We love to fish for pretty much any species but really like catching musky, bass and walleye. Could you give us a few tips on catching these fish? Dont know much about fishing this lake so all help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Vincent says:

    I am fishing Lower Buckhorn Lake this Friday September 23 and I was wondering if you could offer some spots and lures options for both Muskie and Bass. I have never fished for walleye there and also curious where one would have the best luck this time of the year.


  4. Link says:


    We are headed to Buckhorn this next weekend. We have gone up for several years and have done really well on Large Mouth but never muskie, any suggestions to locate muskie?

    Thank you

  5. Trev says:

    I was doing trap netting on Lower Buckhorn lake for a week and we didnt find to many great musky, just a few 10-12 pounders. we did however find some really nice 9-10 pound walleye, some 5 pound largemouth and smallmouths and even some 2 pound crappie. we found some good walleye on the south shore of the lakes east end (towards lovesick lake) just east of a small marina, there is a really nice drop off there with some good holes in the weedbeds. we also got some good walleye in the south east end of deer bay, between 2 small river mouths. as for bass we got big bass around the many islands just north of deer bay (also saw a lot of big crappie here!) but in the south west end of deer bay where a smaller shallow bay comes out we got a lot of largemouth bass! we had a 24 hour set and had 44 largemouth bass in it (average would be about 1-5) and some pushing 4 pounds.
    i hope this helps anyone who is looking to fish this lake

    • richard says:

      Thanks Trev. I appreciate the information. I saw you guys out there when we were musking fishing last two weekends. Cheers!

  6. aaron says:

    i am going to be doing a musky trip to lower buckhorn and pigeon lake october 24 25 26 27 have been here before but only had one on line, a giant had no luck otherwise was looking for color paterns and tips for this time of year. thanks aaron

  7. blake hunter says:

    going to lower buckhorn end of june staying at 3 castle resort
    were do i start looking for wallaye
    thanks any sugestions would help

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